Targeted: A Family and the Quest to Stop the Next School Shooter

A narrative that follows a family in which the teenage son is suspected of being a potential school shooter.

Snap Judgment Audio Adaptation of “Targeted”

An hour-long audio version of “Targeted” in collaboration with Snap Judgment that aired on radio stations throughout the U.S. and is available for download as a podcast episode.

Benefit of the Doubt: How Portland Public Schools Helped An Educator Evade Allegations of Sexual Misconduct

An investigation into how Oregon’s largest school district mishandles cases of sexual misconduct. This story prompted the district to hire outside investigators who affirmed the story’s findings. The district has pledged to implement several solutions and the story has prompted legislators to consider statewide changes.

Reading, Writing, Evicted: How Portland Children Don’t Pay Rent But Are Paying A Price

An examination of how Portland’s housing crisis harms children’s educations. The series includes an intimate portrayal of how housing instability plays out in one fourth grade classroom, portraits of three families hit in different ways by the problem, and an examination of a potential solution that a school district in Texas is trying.